Advice Process & Fees

We like to be open and transparent about how we work and what fees are payable. It is important that you know how we go about providing advice, what we charge and when.

What you get when you obtain advice from us

Our initial service will vary depending on which type of financial product we are advising on, however the principals are the same.

Initial Service

Our initial meeting is not chargeable. This enables us to get to know you, understand what matters most to you, as well as to discuss your circumstances, attitude and capacity for risk, and your future aspirations.

We then develop a tailored integrated financial plan that best meets your needs. To do this, we look at your current financial position and the goals you wish to achieve. With this information, we then agree with you the services that we will provide and the fees we will charge.

We are very open and up-front about our fees, and all fees will be agreed with you in advance including structure, frequency and method of payment .

When your personal financial plan has been prepared, we will discuss it with you to ensure you understand and agree with our recommendations before we proceed any further. Once we have agreed upon our recommended solutions, we will then implement your personal financial plan, assisting you with the completion of any documentation or applications, and monitoring their progress so you are completely happy.

Ongoing Service

We will regularly review and adapt your personal financial plan with you to ensure your plans stay on course. It is important to regularly review your financial position as your life changes. Our aim is always to ensure that as your circumstances and goals evolve with life’s events and changes, we adjust your financial plan accordingly to keep your plans on track.

We will clearly detail the cost of our ongoing advice to you, together with details of any associated investment and product charges.

For full details of our service plan, please click here.

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    • Individual

      We provide a higher level of personalised attention. None of our clients circumstances are the same therefore, none of the solutions we suggest are the same.

    • Tailored

      Investing successfully is about knowing what you want your investments to achieve, understanding your time-frame, and being comfortable with any element of risk.

    • Relationships

      We value the relationships with our clients above everything else working with clients who understand the value in such relationships in helping achieve their goals.